new things?

not many!
but as you mightve seen, the last (undocumented) "big" site update was done to rework some css and make it a bit more responsive. that plus the art page has been completely rehauled (check it out here if you havent already!). its where i put things that i find ~evocative~ for whatever reason, and there's also tags and their dedicated pages ^^

on a sidenote eleventy devs: PLEASE add a dedicated neste pagination support, that allows you to add pagination INSIDE the paginated tag pages from collections.all!!! [there is a plugin for it on here but its fucky and like 5 versions outdated so.... please make this builtin because if i have to write a javascript collection for EVERY tag i'll go insane ahah]
aside over LMAO

back to things that are new! i am going to a psychologist for the fist time in 10 months!!!! <= personal update quota reached :]

do you have hobbies? i do! i really, no, really enjoy translating songs (though im sure theres a word for that that's better than simple translation. transliteration maybe?)
it's a bit like pulling teeth, but i did manage to force my brain to finish some songs, you can check out the labors of my love here

and hey - on the off-chance you want a song translated to/from german english or polish shoot me a message on my profile! i'm usually up for a challenge, though there are songs that are simply.... untranslateable :/

beyond that... i went to paris, i bought a dirndl, i keep existing, like a cockroach behind the fridge of the universe

so thats all for this one, hope yall enjoy!