officially internautica.online now!

yeah i finally decided to shill out the 5 bucks for neo supporter and 20 eur per year for a domain name because its fun yanno? plus apparently i could upload any filetype i want now, though i havent tested it :o

the changes are as follows:

neos uploading system is still verry annoyingly limited, so i have to reupload every file in my paginated subpages because of hashes or ordering or something grrr i should look into mounting as a drive, but its 4 am so im going zzzzz mimimimi

about my personal life updates, i continue to exist with more or less sever mood swings, though ive taken up smoking instead of drinking, and im currently dealing with a fruitflies infestation :(
oh and i dyed my hair red again, but a more cherry color this time :D

and for last, if the images on the art-i-like page looked... well like shit it was my bad, i uploaded the dev version by mistake :||| sorry bout that lol!

well thats all, till next time internauts!