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  1. omg the highwayman!

    Hi this is a small proof of concept that was hellish to make, a dress down game of stripping dismas of darkest dungeon fame!

    it probably will be wonky on some browsers (that dont suport the css clip-path property) and will suck ass on mobile phones, cuz i got super tired of just making the draggable api work

    it goes without saying its nsfw... but for all adults in the audience, enjoy!



    UPDATE: definitely not working on mobile, do go on pc for that

    UPDATE: extras added! might need some... exploring


    random barks while you undress him


    barks are animated similarly to dd now!

    maybe it works on mobile.idk, gotta push it first


    made dismas dick more... well less inflamed

    runaway/maid outfits added + some extra ones

    also convenience buttons!

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  2. sneaky snek snek


  3. click and you get piss

    if i am on acid say yes


  4. poisoned... with love!

    Hi the system of this poc has grown considerably, but hey, now youve got audrey too! go figure!

    she definitely can be yuor devil!



    base audrey exists!


    pt1. of valentines double feature... the red hot devil!

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  5. indescriminate... science?

    valentines angle... of the more devilish variety!



    base para added!

    all para outfits added honestly i need to move on creatively tbh!

    thanks Elodie for helping me with the barks! keep it stabby <

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